Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Child Suffering is Too Many!

(Aleks & her BF Ellie - with the ears & nose! )

One child, one family suffering through autism is one too many.  April is autism awareness month and Tuesday, April 2nd was the official Autism Awareness Day.   The month of March was a frustrating month for many families dealing with a child or loved one with ASD.  We heard for the first time in March that 1 out of 50 children currently are on the autism spectrum.  We heard that ‘there is no relation between vaccines and autism’.  It was VERY frustrating as a parent of a child that suffered regressive autism after a series of vaccines.

I would have a lot more respect for these so called researchers if they said that for some children the current vaccine schedule and the chemicals in vaccines are fine, but for some it may not be.  Try this, if a doctor tells you that there is no correlation between vaccines and autism ask them to put it in writing.  Ask that doctor or nurse to write you a promise on their letterhead and sign and date it.  Trust me it won’t happen.  I know this because after a healthy debate with a couple of doctors I said this to them.  Let me just say that was the end of the discussion. 

I can’t say that for every child vaccines equal autism.  That’s not accurate and not at all what the numbers say.  What is also impossible to say is that every child is healthy enough to handle the current vaccines and vaccination schedule.  I’ve said this before and let me reiterate it; I am not anti-vaccine.  I am against the current schedule and all the crud that is put into these shots.  I also believe in this analogy; genetics loads the gun, the environment pulls the trigger.   That is why some children can have the 30+ vaccines and never suffer and why some children don’t get past the MMR like my daughter. 

We are at a critical time in this country for our children.  Parents who refuse the current vaccination schedule are ostracized and forced to take their sick children to clinics in pharmacies and many never develop a personal relationship with a doctor.  Many doctors who have promised to do no harm, won’t see children who haven’t received all their vaccines.  We are at a critical time in our country and it’s time to have an honest conversation about autism.  Xo Melissa 

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